Xponential Fitness Franchisees Share Insights on Thriving as Small Business Owners

In the competitive boutique fitness world, Xponential Fitness has emerged as a powerhouse, boasting a diverse portfolio of nine distinct wellness concepts and an impressive global footprint. With over 3,000 studios open and licenses for more than 6,250 locations across 49 U.S. states and 24 countries, Xponential Fitness has expanded its reach and established itself as a springboard for entrepreneurs looking to succeed in the fitness industry.

For aspiring small business owners, the path to success can be daunting. However, Xponential Fitness franchisees attest to the company’s comprehensive support system and resources, which have been instrumental in their growth and achievements. From marketing expertise to development assistance, franchisees can rely on a dedicated corporate team to guide them through the challenges of running a fitness studio.

Chris Fichaud, an entrepreneur who started with a single Club Pilates unit, has since expanded to seven locations and acquired the master franchise for several European countries. He credits Xponential Fitness for his success. “I think Xponential is set apart a great deal just by the support you get,” echoes Hayes Havener, a long-time Pure Barre and CycleBar franchise owner in Florida.

However, owning an Xponential Fitness franchise is not a guaranteed ticket to success. As Beth Georges, a multiunit and multi-brand franchisee in Orange County, California, emphasizes, “Buying a franchise does not mean everyone will be successful.” Like any other business, she stresses that running a franchise requires hard work and dedication.

To thrive in this competitive industry, franchisees highlight several vital attributes and practices. Adaptability ranks high, with Georges advising aspiring entrepreneurs to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” A willingness to learn and a focus on customer satisfaction are also crucial factors in navigating the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship.

Another essential aspect of success is building a solid sense of community among fellow franchisees and within their own teams. Georges emphasizes the value of her network of business owners, who share experiences and offer support when needed. Equally important is developing a strong team within each studio, hiring talented individuals, and helping them realize their ambitions.

As franchisees expand to multiple locations, the importance of team development becomes even more apparent. “When we had only one studio, it was easier for me to ‘just do it myself,'” Georges notes. “But the owner can’t do it all with five, six, or more locations.”

Ultimately, the key to success as an Xponential Fitness franchisee lies in passion, hard work, and leveraging the company’s extensive support system. “If you are looking at franchises that you might consider buying, my suggestion is to buy into something that fuels your passion,” advises Georges. “If you are passionate about the work you do in your business, the work is more fun. And that’s the ultimate success — making great money doing something you love!”

While the Xponential Fitness multi-brand approach and corporate support structure can help lower barriers to entry and growth for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs, success still requires dedication, adaptability, and sound business practices. By embracing these principles and tapping into the wealth of resources Xponential Fitness provides, franchisees can thrive as small business owners in the dynamic world of boutique fitness.